The Various Types of Roofs


Having a new home built? Perhaps you have lived in the same place for many years and are finally experiencing the wear and tear associated with age. No matter how long you have owned your home, the question of having the roof replaced will eventually occur. If you are interested in a new roof for your house, it may surprise you to know there are different styles available to keep your property protected and even your heating bills to a minimum. Whether or not you may have a different model installed depends on the structure, though a professional roofer can help you determine the best course of action.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the available roof styles you may be able to get for your home:

Mansard – Also known as a French roof, the Mansard style is characterized as a four-sided model with two slopes on either side in order to maximize top floor or attic space. From a side view, the Mansard has the look of a triangle where the sides are bent slightly outward, not unlike the traditional barn shape. You may see the Mansard used on homes accented with dormer windows on the upper floors.

Hip Roof – The Hip roof style has no flat surface on top, but rather creates a downward slope on all sides starting at a point. One will not find room for gables here, given that Hip roofs are traditionally low-sitting on homes.

Pyramid – Similar to the Hip design, the Pyramid roof is aptly named. Four slopes meets at a point and form an even pyramid. As such, you are more likely to find this style on square buildings.

Flat Roof – As the name implies, the Flat roof is simply a flat surface that tops a building or home. It is not uncommon to find houses with flat roofs along a shoreline or beach area. It is believed that the roof construction is better able to withstand winds and tropical storms. However, the flat roof has a disadvantage in that it can collect debris more quickly and there is no way for snow or leaves to drain or fall away unless one goes up there to clean the roof regularly.

Gambrel – Similar to the Mansard style, the Gambrel is a two-sided sloping roof that overhangs on a building rather than covering at all corners. The typical barn design is topped with a gambrel, and its design allows for maximized space on top.

Consult with a professional roofer about your options if you are having a new home built. Roofs come in many styles and shapes, but all are design to provide protection.

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