The English Country Decorative Style


If you want to decorate your house, but you don’t really know what would suit your house best, you can now find out a few things about one of the decorative styles designers use in their work. Thus, you can take another step towards choosing what fits you best.

First of all, you have the English country style. This is relaxed, comfortable and it has a traditional interpretation of what we know as design today. This style is characterized by bright colours which evoke a garden and the wood, the rock and the iron have strong textures, these elements connecting the interior to the exterior. The fabrics include printed carpets, floral prints and fringes. When it comes to the furniture, the pieces range in colours, starting from black and moving on to the colour of the pine. The colours are very refreshing and floral. The interiors with a more rustic touch have darker and fader colours, while the bright colours are characteristic to the rest of the interiors.

The decoration includes specific elements, such as china vessels hug on the walls, dry plants put into frames and landscapes in wooden frames or in golden ones. Last but not least, when it comes to the accessories, you can encounter photos with silvery frames, crystal candlesticks, vases with fresh flowers, pillows with floral motifs and a lot of wallpaper.

Although this decorative style may sound too fancy and too crowded, it is not, there being a special something about it which makes it very classy and very comforting. You should try it, too!

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